CB1-Weight-GainerThe Complete CB-1 Weight Gainer Review


If you have read a lot of CB1 Weight Gainer reviews on the Internet you’ll notice that most are very positive, and it’s certainly become a hot topic among those who want to gain weight quickly and safely.

But does it really work or is it just another supplement that overpromises but fails to deliver? This in-depth and objective review will tell you how the product works, and help you identify the facts from the myths. It also reveals what actual users have to say about this product.

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CB1 Pills: How It Works

CB-1 Weight Gainer ReviewCB1 weight gain pills are all-natural and can be used by both men and women who have a difficult time gaining weight. As this article from WebMD shows, it’s important to eat the right foods and nutrients to gain weight, but the truth is a lot of people just have naturally weak appetites and / or fast metabolism that prevent them from gaining weight.

That’s where these pills will come in handy. CB1 weight gain pills contain specially formulated natural ingredients that will slow down your metabolism and improve your appetite.

Of course there’s a big difference between gaining muscles and fat, so when you order the pills it comes with a CB-1® Weight Gain Guidebook that reveals how you can maintain your weight, how to properly burn calories and there’s a complete nutrition guide too.

In other words, you won’t just receive a bottle full of pills, but a complete guide that will help you get in shape and stay in shape. Studies show that more than 2% of all American adults are underweight and consequently, have a weak immune system and more vulnerable to diseases and ailments.

While there are a lot of products that help you lose weight, there are still very few that help you gain weight, underscoring the lack of choices available for underweight people. That’s why CB-1 is very helpful since it fills a void needed by a lot of people.

It should be emphasized that CB1 has been clinically tested repeatedly prior to being released in the market, and there are plenty of scientific and medical studies which show just how effective the ingredients are.

The ingredients, such as vitamin D3, zinc, Dodeca, soy lecithin and vitamin E among others, are all known to help the body gain weight. However, the way the ingredients have been mixed here makes them all the more potent.

What Makes CB-1 Weight Gainer Different from Other Products?

cb-1 ingredientsIf you read this article from Men’s Health it says clearly that you’ll need to make the most of muscle building and eating the right food to gain weight. But many people just don’t have the time to engage in complete workouts, and suddenly changing diets is extremely difficult.

That’s what makes CB-1 different from the rest, as it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals that could make things worse when you put on the pounds.

When you take the pills regularly you’ll notice a significant difference within weeks, and the guidebook offers a lot of tips and advice to ensure you remain in shape.

Another thing that makes CB-1 different from other weight gainers is you know exactly how it works. Basically what the pill does is slow down your metabolism and as noted earlier, make you feel hungry.

And armed with the guidebook, you’ll be able to eat tor your heart’s content knowing that what you’re consuming is good for your body. A lot of attention has been focused on the pills and deservedly so, but the guidebook is also very helpful and complements the supplement.


  • All the CB-1 weight gainer ingredients are natural
  • Each of the herbs, vitamins and minerals contained in the product have been scientifically tested
  • It is a complete weight gain program
  • There are no CB-1 weight gainer side effects


  • The pills won’t work quickly. You won’t see results overnight.
  • You need to read the guidebook to get the most out of the pills

What Customers Have to Say About the Product

As pointed out earlier, the CB-1 has been getting a lot of positive reviews, and many of the success stories are posted on the official website. However, there are other testimonials online that demonstrate how effective it is. For instance, Barry of New Jersey says he was a skinny 120 lb. guy (he’s 5’8) but after taking CB-1 he began to gain weight and after a few weeks he had gained over 20 lbs.

Donald of Pittsburgh also had a positive experience with CB1, and here’s what he said:

“I worked out a lot but didn’t have a lot of appetite, so I always looked skinny. I tried all sorts of weight gainers and protein shakes but nothing seemed to work. Eventually I came across CB-1 and I began to eat more, up to 5 meals a day…I started to put on weight and after 9 weeks I’ve gained about 20 lbs.”

The same sentiment was shared by Samantha of Alabama, who says she used to “eat like a bird” and barely emptied her plate. After taking CB1 her appetite grew to the point that she gained 15 lbs. and she now feels “healthier than ever.”

To answer the question, does CB1 weight gainer work? Yes, it works, based on the reviews and testimonials alone. As the reviews we’ve cited above show, the pills do work, and there are no complaints about any unhealthy side effects either. Another thing you’ll notice with the reviews is that there are no claims of CB1 working overnight, which further adds credence to the testimonials. Some manufacturers out there say they can help you gain weight in just a couple of days but we all know that’s not possible.


As most CB1 Weight Gainer reviews indicate, this is a weight gain pill that really works. It’s not a miracle pill that will add bulk to your body quickly. What it is, though, is a 100% natural supplement that will adjust your metabolism so your body can preserve the nutrients necessary to gain mass and muscle. And it does so safely too.





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